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We are an elite brand offering 50% commission to all our affiliates. We take benefits of the customer seriously and we provide a high commission percentage so that it's a win-win situation.

Fast payments

Having vast knowledge in the Igaming industry we are aware how crucial it is for paying our affiliates on time. Thus, we take extra care in delivering the payments without any delays.

No hidden fees

The major reason for affiliates to love our partnership is no hidden fees. We are clear and transparent about the terms and conditions of our deals making it easier on both the sides.

Lifelong revenues

We love making profits on the long run basis and we like our affiliates to get benefits of the same. That’s why we offer lifelong revenues for all the valid sales for our affiliates.

Customized Software

We provide customised software for our affiliates to make the work easier and efficient. Our software has a smooth and intelligent interface along with regular updates.

24/7 Support

Customer Support is one important criterion which tests the quality of an affiliate program. A dedicated customer care team is assigned to provide a professional assistance in solving all your queries related to your account.


Casino Big Apple affiliate is the official affiliate program for casinobigapple.com and the best partner for success. Our approach to Casino entertainment is proving hugely popular with players and game providers and with our great promotions you can profit from our succes.

Our team of professionals will help you lead the way. With our policy of fast payments and our top notch marketing content that will convert your traffic month-after-month.

Casino Big Apple affiliate is pleased to offer you the chance to cooperate with us and earn money from our quality affiliate program. Because of this close cooperation our intention is to become partners for life long commisions.


We constantly look forward in making mutually beneficial deals that's why our commission schemes are structured up to provide potential benefits to our affiliates. We typically think and work in affiliate point of view and thus we deliver the best possible commission structure.

  • 50% revshare for first three months as introductory offer.
  • No Negative Carry Over
  • Rev share tier model (after introductory offer)
  • Refer other affiliates and earn commision
  • Attractive CPA and Hybrid deals
New Customers PM Revenue Share

0 - 5000(€)


5001 - 10000(€)


10001 - 30000(€)


More than 30000(€)


What is an affiliate marketer?

An affiliate marketer uses marketing tools to re-direct traffic from his online or offline asset to the client site. His fee is based on conversions and can be either fixed or variable.

Why should you choose Casino BigApple Affiliates?

We have a rich lineage and specialisation in the iGaming industry. Our network gives the best combination of commissions, marketing tools & support to boost up affiliate revenues & satisfaction.

Is it possible to open an account if I don’t have a website?

Of course! There are affiliates that promote our brands through online channels but offline advertising is equally imperative. They are a highly lucrative part of the gaming industry. If you do not own a website, you can focus on email campaigns as well.

How do I get paid?

We have several methods of payments including Wire transfer and depending upon the payment type chosen there is a minimum threshold that needs to be reached before payment is released.

When do I get paid?

The payment will be made within 15 days of month for your commissions earned in the previous month, through your preferred payment method to your preferred payment account.

How do I track my earning?

You can track your earning by logging in to your Casino BigApple Affiliates account. Your home screen will show your Quick Summary Stats. You can also check the statistics to know how much you earn each month and consequently, evaluate your progress.

What are sub-affiliates?

Refer a friend and earn referral fees! What’s more? Their performance is tracked and linked to your incentives. So, more opportunity to earn! Contact us now for more information.

How much money can I earn with Casino BigApple Affiliates?

You can earn money depending on the work you put in. There is no limit to your earnings. The more traffic you generate for your brand, the more you can earn. Besides, Casino BigApple Affiliates offers the best and most generous commission.

What does it cost to be an affiliate?

You would love to hear this answer. It is free. Yes, you read it right.

email id: affiliates@bigappleaffiliates.com
Skype: bigappleaffiliates

Is my information secure?

We understand that you part with confidential banking and other sensitive information. Our website is completely secure with industry standard encryption technology.


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